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Our goal was to create an all-new way of collaborative poker learning

The brand new RANGER tool allows for detailed analysis in a fraction of the time it takes now. You will be able to import and study in an organized and structured manner without any sacrifices. PLUS, cloud based storage of your data allows you to connect, share and discuss with our entire community of dedicated poker players (including crushers like bencb789). There is no tool on the market that can do this. RANGER is a game changer in the world of poker learning!

Access Anywhere

Cloud storage allows you to access your ranges & analysis anywhere

We listened to what YOU wanted

Why Study with Ranger

One collaborative cloud link

Visual, color coded range options

All analysis and ranges stored in your account

Manually created multi page docs

Complicated range notations

Lost ranges or analysis

Meet Ranger

  • Unlimited ranges within post
  • 16 different Colors per Range
  • Comment with your Ranger Account
  • Clean and efficient Action Visualizing


What are the pros saying?

This program will revolutionize how we study Poker

Founder and CEO of Raise Your Edge

Sharing and Analyzing hands is so much easier

Fernando Laserra
MTT Grinder

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are the Tournament Masterclass Ranges Included

No, this tool allows you to create / share hands & ranges and build your own versions of Range Viewers

Will my monthly price increase?

No, your agreement is locked in at the pricing level until cancelled.

Is there a free trial?

You can share a hand, single range or both free of charge.